Gary: Knee Pain Nightmare

Gary’s knee replacements caused him a lot of pain, but with the help of physical therapy he was able to overcome it – read on to learn more.

The Pain: Gary came to Preferred Physical Therapy with excruciating knee pain after having two knee replacements (on the same knee) in 20 months. 

The Plan: The team at Preferred Physical Therapy worked to devise an action plan to ensure range of motion and usability in Gary’s knees, working with his ever-changing work schedule to make sure he was being treated as quickly as possible. “Knowing when to push me and when to ease up, [my PT] did an incredible job in getting me to a place I never thought I’d get to.”

The Results: “Just four months after my second knee replacement in 20 months, I’m over 120 degrees flexion and perfectly straight. I am back to doing things I love – golfing, umpiring, etc.”

Knees are vital to your ability to move normally, so if you’re experiencing knee pain or recovering from knee injury/surgery, don’t wait – contact us today!

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