Pediatric Motor Milestones

Having a new baby in the family is a time of celebration and excitement! As they grow up you will continue to celebrate times such as rolling over, crawling, standing, and walking for the first time.

Sometimes babies will have difficult times achieving these milestones and at times like this your physical therapist is a great resource! Here is a list of different milestones your baby should be achieving throughout their first two years.


  • Tracks moving objects with eyes
  • Development of head control when on tummy
  • Able to prop self on forearms
  • Bears weight through extended legs in supported standing
  • Able to hold head in midline
  • Other things to look for:
    • Is my child favoring looking one direction?
    • Does my child have any flattening on their skull?
    • Does my child not tolerate lying on stomach?


  • Rolls from tummy to back
  • Brings hands together
  • Brings toys to mouth
  • Able to prop self on hands
  • Sits with support
  • Able to tuck and maintain chin tuck when pulled from back to supported sitting


  • Rolls back to tummy
  • Pivots on tummy
  • Able to sit independently
  • Able to transition in and out of sitting
  • Able to get into and maintain hands and knee position
  • Can transfer objects from one hand to the other
  • Pull to stand from kneeling position
  • Cruises sideways along furniture
  • Other things to look for:
    • Is my child favoring one side of their body?
    • Is my child “W” sitting?


  • Able to crawl forward on hands and knees with reciprocal movement of arms and legs
  • Able to stand unsupported
  • Able to squat and pick up objects from the ground
  • Begins walking unassisted
  • Begins self-feeding
  • Other things to look for:
    • Is my child hitch crawling or scooting on bottom?


  • Able to crawl up and down stairs (walk with hand-held assist by end of milestone)
  • Throws and kicks a ball
  • Climbs on and off furniture
  • Begins to run and jump
  • Other things to look for:
    • Is my child toe walking?

If your child isn’t hitting some of these milestones contact us today to get scheduled with one of our pediatric physical therapist!

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