What is Astym?

What is Astym? What should I expect after a treatment? Do I need to take any precautions afterward? Would I benefit from Astym? We’ve got the answers!

Astym is a tool used to break up scar tissue and damaged soft tissue to promote regeneration of healthy tissue to improve one’s function. Scar tissue can cause muscle tension, limited flexibility, and range of motion restrictions. It is utilized to jump-start the body’s natural inflammatory process necessary for healing.

Your therapist will utilize the hard, plastic tools to glide over your muscle and tendons to break scar tissue underneath the skin. The therapist doesn’t just treat a central area but will focus on the kinetic chain (the muscles and tendons above and below) where you are experiencing discomfort.

What to expect after treatment?
Muscle soreness is a common sign that the body is absorbing the broken up tissue and laying down healthy new tissue. Immediately, you will notice short-term redness along the skin which indicates increased blood flow, necessary for the healing process. It is essential to drink lots of water to flush the old toxins out of the body and facilitate the healing process. After Astym treatment, you will notice reduced pain and increased flexibility in your muscles.

Any precautions?
Blood thinners (Astym promotes blood flow. Therefore those on blood thinners will require further questioning).

Common diagnoses that benefit from Astym?
Astym can benefit any soft tissue dysfunctions. Some common diagnoses include plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow. Click here to see if Astym can be beneficial for your pain.

Physical therapy exercises?

Your PT will provide you with stretches and exercises that will promote smooth and parallel muscle fibers to strengthen and reduce pain after your Astym treatment.

Where can I receive Astym therapy?
Many of our clinics have Astym certified therapists. Call 866-412-5554 to schedule your appointment today.

Content provided by Bethany Balazar, PTA

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