Balance – #WeTreatThat!

Did you know that balance originates in the brain?

Feedback from the vestibular system (the inner ear), the visual system (the eyes), and the proprioceptive system (skin, muscles, and joints) all work together to make the brain aware of our body position. The cerebellum is a small part of the brain located at the top of the spinal cord that works as a control center for balance. The cerebellum receives feedback from these three balance systems and instructs the body in proper movement and coordination by making postural adjustments.

Balance declines as a natural part of aging if we do not challenge our balance systems regularly. Physical therapy can help establish an exercise program for you to combat your specific deficits. Improving balance can help to better your quality of life by allowing you to perform your regular daily activities safely.

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By Andrea Miller, PT, DPT

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