Tips & Tricks for Success

You have been working hard towards your goals in therapy. At each appointment you do every exercise the therapist shows you, yet it seems like you aren’t making much progress. This happens all too often when patients do not do their home exercise program provided to them by their therapist. Most patients will only see their therapist for a few hours each week so it is very important that they do their exercises at home. A few tips to help stick to your home exercise program are:

  • Set a goal: Set a goal for something you want to try again, such as jogging, gardening, or playing your favorite sport. This will keep you motivated and will give you something to strive towards.
  • Connect with your therapist: Make a connection with your therapist. If you have a connection with your therapist you will be more likely to do what they recommend.
  • Be honest: If you aren’t doing your exercises tell your therapist; more than likely they can already tell if you haven’t been. By being honest it will allow them to figure out a solution.
  • Make a plan: Set times that you will do your exercises every day. By making a schedule you will be less likely to skip a day of exercise.
  • Get the proper exercise equipment: Make sure to purchase the exercise equipment your therapist recommends. This will allow you to make the proper progressions without risking hurting yourself by buying the wrong equipment.

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